You Mee Koh Fall 2019 Blog

by You Mee Koh, December 2, 2019

Benefits of Scholarship

This scholarship helped me to attain educational and career objectives.

Receiving financial assistance was a need for me, especially because I was focusing on my career path in the hospitality management field. The scholarship provided unique advantages such as financial aid, improved my school performance and provided me with a career advantage. This scholarship saved me from accruing debts to pay for my tuition fee. The financial aid that comes from this scholarship program allowed me to follow my educational dreams. It helped me focus on studies, acquire knowledge and motivated me to attain better grades. It significantly empowered my educational and career objectives by eliminating the financial barrier.

Besides, the scholarship provided me with a career advantage. It is admirable to earn a scholarship since students acquire it on merit. Attaining the scholarship helps me to have a good reputation on my resume. I can include it on my resume under the accomplishment section, which allows me to stand out from other job candidates. Receiving a scholarship demonstrates that someone recognized me for my accomplishments, and this builds the employer’s confidence to want to employ me.

The scholarship substantially helped me to achieve my full potential, become a professional hospitality personnel and provide quality service to guests. Self-confidence is another positive attribute gained from attaining a scholarship since it enabled me to recognize that I completed a crucial task and played part in developing a platform for helping me to achieve career goals. I strongly believe in the essence of acquiring a degree. The scholarship program motivated me to work harder, attain a degree in hospitality management and further facilitate my dreams of having a successful career. This Scholarship created a pathway for me to concentrate my energy and resources on my career path and eventually bring about a great opportunity.

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