Yinchi Zhang Summer Blog 2019

by Yinchi Zhang, September 12, 2019

At Kendall College, I did a presentation with my fellow teammates to the teachers and industry professionals pitching for a proposal about opening a restaurant in Chicago. It was fun and I learned a lot about team building and presentation skills. During my study at Kendall College, I acquired knowledge about wine and restaurant operation. It was very helpful and definitely going to be beneficial for me in the future. I am interested in the food and beverage industry so far and I decided to stay in that area. I plan on being a beverage distributor in my hometown after graduation and planning to do it at multiple restaurants which for me is a big step for my career. I want to promote the wine culture in my city, and the knowledge I learned from school has been crucial for me to make this decision.

When I received the scholarship it absolutely motivated me more to be a role model for myself and people around me. The fact that it is a way of encouragement for everyone to perform better in school and later in your career. I keep influencing people around me to be happy, motivated and positive.

During my school time, I did a few volunteer jobs at a couple of events, meeting industry professionals and staying socialized is very important. I asked my friend from school to join me too. I really appreciate the opportunity to receive the scholarship from KCT, I felt this is a way of acknowledgement of excellence rather than a simple financial rewarding and I will keep doing what I have been doing, to help others, lift others and motivate others.

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