Xiaoyu Tian Summer 2019 Blog

by Xiaoyu Tian, August 30, 2019

It feels like the sixth quarter that started yesterday, but the fact is that it is coming to an end. In this incredible three months, l worked with an amazing baking family. And more importantly, I met a great pastry chef. I have to say these three months have changed my view of baking, but it has made me one step closer to real baking world and the future I want.

After the second three-month internship, my internship bakery will want me to stay. This is also what I hope. On the one hand, I can learn more about and become more familiar with the operation of baking. The second, I hope I can accumulate and master more skills in preparation for my bakery. I am very happy now, because every new day, I feel closer to the future of my dreams.

And all this, I have to say that I really appreciate Kendall College Trust. It helped me a lot. It allows me to think what I like and what key skills I want to get, more than having to consider the pay when I chose the internship. Because a good internship will help a lot for my future career. And I will keep that momentum and strive to be the best baker during my second internship to show the Kendall College Trust that their investment in my future did not go unnoticed. And thanks to every day I experienced at Kendall, because of those time, my future is promising.

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