Valentina Lopez Winter 2020 Blog

by Valentina Lopez, March 8, 2020

This quarter I have been doing my internship at a French-style bakery and café called Chanson. It is located in the heart of NYC, right by the flat-iron building. We have everything from croissants, artisan breads, salads, soups, breakfast options, pastries, and even chocolate bonbons that we produce in-house. I am in the pastry department, where I work on producing two types of petit gateaux, carrot cake and an earl grey chocolate mousse, three types of eclairs, which are yuzu lemon, raspberry pistachio, and chocolate mousse. We also produce scones, and fruit tarts that we make every day for service, among other things that are needed in the other departments. This experience has opened my eyes to what the industry is all about.

The amount of knowledge you get from being around people that have done this craft for years is tremendous, and it makes you want to go back to school and change the way you did some things (perfect them and do them faster); I suppose this is what experience is all about. I am thankful for this opportunity and the things I have learned here, the connections I have made and the hard work will help me in opening new doors when I decide to search for a new job, post-graduation.

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