Trang Nguyen Winter 2017 Blog

by Trang Nguyen, March 24, 2017

My second to last quarter here at Kendall has finally just passed. I felt so much relieved after getting done with my classes. This past quarter, I finished up a big obstacle course that every Bachelor student has to go through: Capstone. It has been a challenging yet exciting project. Along with other 4 team members, we created a make-believe Vietnamese-American restaurant. Challenging because we had to come together to work as a team despite our differences in backgrounds: me being a Culinary student, one was a Business student, and the other three were Hospitality students.

I’ve never worked with them before in other classes, or big projects like this so it took quite some time for us to get used to working together. But we pulled it off! We created an American-Vietnamese restaurant-lounge located in Logan Square. The food is a perfect blend of American and Vietnamese flavors, incorporating into each other to make cohesive dishes.

Locating in Logan Square, we were aiming for the locals and outsiders wanting to experience a more upscale, exclusive feel without having to pay the high tag price, something that’s still missing in Logan Square. Also, we wanted to have very professional and well-trained staff in every aspect so that every customer would feel pampered. We even had plans for a second-floor private dining room with table-side cocktail service! I felt like we as a team really pulled it together after 6 months of hard work. Now that Capstone is finally over, I will be heading into my last quarter at Kendall before graduating in June.

Almost done!

Entre plate for tasting for Capstone project
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