Tita Mwanzia Summer 2018 Blog


by Tita Mwanzia, September 19, 2018

My goal in the summer quarter was to push myself harder in the kitchen by trying to work on my speed. When I first came to Kendall, my speed was not to par with standards. However, over time and with practice, my speed so far from the time I came, has shown remarkable improvement.

In my Banquets class, I experienced pressure to execute dishes to perfection. In order to be successful, the criteria was to produce a certain amount of food that would fit the number of guests that was provided to you. Bear in mind that I had to consider the people who had dietary needs and make adjustments to fit their needs. Given the number of guests and the quantity of the ingredients, I had to rectify the recipe that was being provided to me in the moment. From this class, I have gained the skill to visualize the customers’ perspective on the presentation of the plating and get their raw, honest feedback.

I am highly grateful to be a part of the Kendall College Trust. The scholarship has helped me with my financial status and allowed me to focus on my education. I am looking forward to the upcoming quarter to improve myself further. Thank you for this opportunity.

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