Brigette Schmidt Summer Quarter 2016

by Brigette Schmidt, September 7, 2016

Wow, what a quarter this has been so far, and it just continues to fly by! I am having so much fun in my 5th quarter here at Kendall College. We have learned how to do a little bit of everything in my previous quarters at Kendall, but now we are getting into the specialized skills that can set bakers apart in the field. So far this quarter we have completed our artisan breads class, chocolates and confections, and we just wrapped up wedding cakes and gum paste flowers. With sugars being the only class left to take this block I can’t believe how much I’ve learned and how much I have surprised myself so far! I have attempted many of these skills at home, before attending Kendall College and much to my frustration, many tasks have been attempted with poor results. Going to college is a privilege and I feel so lucky and honored that I get to get up every day, put on my white chef’s coat, and create something new and exhilarating with my own two hands. Being able to attend Kendall college has made learning skills and techniques possible to me that I never before imagined I could achieve. I am creating things that are beautiful and inspire me to get better every day, and it is in great way made possible by the Kendall College Trust. I am so grateful to the Kendall College Trust for allowing me to learn new skills and expand my mind with lower debt upon graduation and the honor of being a KCT representative. Thank you again!