Sokha Chen Summer 2018 Blog

by Sokha Chen, September 14, 2018

SUMMER is such an awesome blessing. Everyone keeps going and enjoying various festivals in Chicago, as well as traveling from one state to another. Chicago is very attractive to tourists from all over the world, where people get much pleasure from distinct activities and festivals; including street food festivals, Lollapalooza festival and others.

The Summer quarter also keeps me busy with some online classes and an internship at the Hyatt Place/Downtown the Loop hotel where I find myself becoming more confident, strong, and capable, solving many problems that I have not faced before. The Hyatt Place/Downtown the Loop has provided me a great opportunity to face and solve issues when customers get mad or upset about the services we have provided. Furthermore, it is the very first time that I get to work in the Hotel industry and learn so many new lessons, which I have always heard from my instructors.  It is such a blessing to work with diverse colleagues.

Also, this internship has taught me to become a very independent individual and to better understand guests’ behaviors so that we can offer excellent services to meet their satisfactions. It requires the ability to multitask while being a front desk agent as well as assisting bartending and the kitchen as needed. These situations make me realize the essentials of understanding guests’ needs and how to make them feel at home. It has always been my dream to see everyone’s happiness and smiles.

All of this has happened because of the Kendall College Trust Scholarship program which helps me through education and grants, and offers me fabulous opportunities to explore the world. Without the help of KCT and the generous donors, I would not be where I am today. I will always do my best to accomplish my goals more effectively and become a General Manager at a hotel one day.

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