About The Scholarship Program

The Kendall College Trust is dedicated to providing resources and opportunities that support the educational advancement and career development for students with financial need. Since 2008, the KCT has awarded over $2 million in donor-supported scholarship funds to over 500 Kendall College students in the Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management programs. This financial support is critical to the education of the future professionals in the Chicago area and beyond.

All students demonstrating a financial need who have completed one year of study, maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, and have full-time status, are eligible to apply for the scholarships. Applications are accepted online annually during the second quarter.


Through the support of donors, the Kendall College Trust can continue to assist devoted students in their pursuit of knowledge. Here is some of what recipients had to say about the impact their scholarships made on their lives:

I once read that when writers try to describe music, words often fail them. Notes it seems are greater than syllables. Your generosity and grace in honouring me with a scholarship leave me similarly, unable to convey how much this means to me.  I pray only that my efforts and my exertions pay it forward, in action, in spice, seasoning and flambe.”  Khadija Bano Malik, Culinary Arts Scholarship Recipient, 2020-2021

I am truly grateful for the Kendall College Trust committee, for not only assisting me financially but also by being an encouragement through my time at Kendall College.” Abigail Urbano, Scholarship Recipient 2018-2019

KCT scholarship has done much more than allowing me to extend my studies, to develop my capabilities, to grow personally and academically. It has been slowly and subtly helping me define my career pathway.” Raissa Silva Correa, Scholarship Recipient 2016-2017

Thanks to the scholarship that I received from the Kendall College Trust, I was able to continue the courses necessary to continue towards my Bachelor in Culinary Arts.” Rachel Jackson, Premier Scholarship Recipient 2015-2016

I am very grateful for the Kendall Trust Scholarship. It has opened many opportunities for me as an inspiring individual to work towards my goals. I have had the pleasure of working with extremely talented chefs while also challenging myself.” Haylee Heath, Scholarship Recipient 2014-2015