Randy McInnis Winter 2020 Blog

by Randy McInnis, March 18, 2020

Another milestone of hard work has passed, and it has been challenging both physically and mentally.  As they say, ‘pressure creates diamonds’ and I have proven this quote in my studies and cooking adventures. Being at Kendall College at National Louis University during these quarters, I have developed the ability to balance my time and energy into creative cooking and management skills in the restaurants and how to control a business.

My most challenging class was a Senior Capstone project, where we had to develop our concept of a restaurant, and I came up with a rooftop speakeasy idea. I did not have the slightest clue on how I was going to pull it off. With the help of Prof. Condon and Prof. Popely, they have taught me many different avenues in this subject area that I know I will need in the future. I also feel a sense of tranquility when I’m doing a presentation because of the training we went through. I must give my lecturers a big thanks in assisting me with the completion of this course. The final performances from my team and other teams were a success, and everyone enjoyed the food and drink, followed by an award ceremony.

Other classes such as flavor theory, which we learned about different flavors and tastes using different variations of cooking methods. Prof Campbell, who was the chef/lecturer for this class, taught us how to be strong-minded and firm on the decision that we are making in the kitchen and life in general without feeling doubt. He allowed us to explore our passion for cooking and test our skills and knowledge in practical classes. He judged our dishes based on creativity and of course, rules of the book to make sure that we were perfect.

All my professors helped me along the way and guided my steps throughout the learning process. I want to say a much appreciated thanks to everyone from Chefs, lecturers, Professors, and the ancillary staff who kept our environment clean and looked out for us around the campus. I loved all the experiences even though I had to balance my time, catching the bus/train, stayed up late at night, and woke early. However, with these challenges, I am happy to say that I learned a lot I am still digesting, and I am ready to take on another challenge.

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