Randy McInnis Summer 2019 Blog

by Randy McInnis, September 5, 2019

Being in the current position as a student at Kendall College has placed me on a different spectrum of my career. Seeing it be that I am an international student, and it is my first time living in Chicago with such noble people.  The summer quarter is almost over, and the experiences I have encountered with students and teachers has been phenomenal.  At first, I thought this college was going to be a “walk-over” and deliver primary teaching like other colleges. But I got to find out that it’s more than just coming to school every day and going to classes, it’s a learning experience where you practice self-development, self-confidence and being separate from the others. I appreciate the Kendall College Trust board for motivating me mentally and physically, to stay focused on my studies and keeping the momentum up for excelling to greatness.

At first, when I started my practical classes, it took me a while to get settled. Because the environment was so different and being in a new kitchen with people from all over the world, learning different American cuisines. I must say that they are a lot of professionals here, that give us hands-on training and advise us on what step to take in our career.  I will keep putting in my smart efforts and motivate others to achieve what I have. Also, to let them know that they too can be a candidate for the Kendall College Trust and a beacon of success for tomorrow.

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