Quan Huynh Winter Blog 2021

by Quan Huynh, March 22, 2021

The Wolf of Wall Street is one of my favorite movies. Early in the movie, Jordan Belfort asks his friend to sell him a pen. The friend says, “Write your name down on that napkin.”  “I don’t have a pen,” says Belfort.   “Exactly, supply and demand.” This was mind-blowing when I saw the scene, it made me realize that the whole point wasn’t selling the pen, the whole point was demonstrating how to create urgency, or to take advantage of an existing urgency, and this is how the business world works.

It has been a year since the pandemic first appeared and put every one of us home, and it’s been frustrating for us as hospitality workers to see our industry being shut down for such a long time, we all ask the same question “when will we be coming back?”. Finally, the situation has changed for the better at this point since the vaccines are being distributed to people and the curve is going down, we began to see great signs of things coming back, so is our industry.

I strongly believe that the hospitality investors and leaders have been working hard to prepare for this comeback, and better than anyone else, they might fully understand and master the art of “selling the pen”, as people’s demand and urgency for going out and traveling are predictably thriving. Thus, I am so excited to welcome the return of our industry and see what new changes it is bringing to us.

This Spring term, I am going on my Sophomore Internship. As I look around for restaurants to apply, I can see the high demand for hospitality workers, which means that the industry is on its way back, strongly and stably. It will be an interesting experience for me to work for Lettuce Entertain You.

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