Omar Rivera Fall 2016 Blog

by Omar Rivera, December 13, 2016

Kendall College has really had an impact in my life. When I started Kendall College back 2015 I was so frightened that I didn’t have anyone to talk to. When all doors were closed to me, Kendall didn’t hesitate to open its doors to me.

My first day of classes was so exciting. Getting to school super early was something I will remember. I think I was the first one in class and ready to take a new chapter in my life. After meeting my professors that morning I knew that the small community such as Kendall would make a difference in me. I gave it my all that first quarter.

One thing that I love from this community is that everyone is there to see you succeed. From the teachers to Dean walking down the hallway and knowing your name. One thing I strongly recommend to the new students is never think that no one wants to help you in class. One thing I have learned is that when you are surrounded by business professionals there is always an experience that someone would share. This year summer I was fortunate to have received a part of the Kendall College Trust Scholarship. I was overwhelmed that I was selected.

I have always worked hard enough back in my country Belize where I was a scholarship recipient myself. Getting a scholarship was big for me. My funds had started to deplete so any portion of money being received would have been highly appreciated. I have been highly involved in my community at Edgewater with the sustainable program. Gaining a degree in Sustainable tourism and being able to apply within my community and having the gusto to tell my peers on program that I’m a student at Kendall gives me great pride. I’m presently helping out a social media group Chicago Sustainable Leaders Network. After the Kendall moto is preparing us for the world. Upon graduation, my plan is to able to contribute to the small community of Kendall College by providing several workshops on sustainability. I want to make sure that the community keeps alive and growing.

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