Natalie Sorensen Summer 2021 Blog

by Natalie Sorensen, September 13, 2021

What a change a quarter can make! This summer at Kendall has ultimately been a major time of transition. During the first week I had finished my internship at Venteux on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. It was an honor working for former Kendall Alum, Chef Donald Young. His teachings are something that I will utilize for the duration of my career.

As I transitioned from working full time to being a full-time student, I had realized my need to be working in the kitchen. Shortly after, I applied to become a student worker and had been assisting in Chef Quirks lunch production class. It offered me a fantastic perspective on the importance of patience through leading. Assisting has highlighted the love for teaching which is something I didn’t know I enjoyed! It has inspired me to continue assisting, as watching culinary students grow within their craft is truly beautiful.

Along with working and assisting in the kitchen, I have continued my catering business throughout the quarter. I am looking forward to updating you on events that I have coming up soon! This season of time has shown me that adapting to your circumstances is key, and to always follow what you love. I look forward to what the fall term has in store for me!

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