Natalie Sorensen Spring 2021 Blog

by Natalie Sorensen, June 13, 2021

Spring often consists of a time of optimism and blossoming as we transition into summer. This spring quarter consisted of that, and much more. I have recently assisted in helping opening Venteux. This fine French Brasserie is in the Carbine and Carbon building on Michigan Avenue. We officially opened on May 26th, and I must say it has been an incredible experience. Helping open the doors of a fine restaurant as we emerge out of a pandemic was the most exhilarating experience I’ve had thus far.

Working under Chef Donald Young has been the most valuable knowledge I have been so fortunate to attain. His French training and Michelin star accolades have formed him into a being of vast knowledge. It has been an absolute honor to learn from someone who is so accomplished and hard working. This experience has taught me teamwork, humility, gratitude, and grace. The tools that I have gathered at Venteux will remain with me throughout my lifetime. I will forever be grateful to my fellow chefs for guiding me through this experience. I am very much so looking forward to what the future brings. As I wrap up my internship, I look forward to immersing myself back into my culinary studies. With each season brings an incredible amount of knowledge.

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