Natalie Sorensen “Pasta Cousins” FA20

by Natalie Sorensen, December 7, 2020

Going back to my roots seemed like the best decision during this season of life. As the pandemic has continued, keeping in touch with my relatives has been quite different. Instead of gathering around the kitchen table, we have resorted to virtual meetings. Family has always been of high importance to me and has been my greatest inspiration behind my culinary pursuit. My family and I decided to start “Pasta Cousins” which is a zoom meeting that takes place every Friday night. We share stories of our childhood memories, and our aunts teach us about our Italian ancestors. We spend the evening laughing, reminiscing, making delicious meals, and learning. This has inspired my sister and I to learn more about our heritage, and different pasta making techniques. I am looking forward to creating more amazing meals with the people I love.

Not only has “Pasta Cousin’s” been a great experience but learning within my business has been incredible. I have now owned my small catering business for a little over a year. During this time, I have shifted my focus to catering drop offs for my clientele within the North Shore area. It brings me incredible joy to have a strong client base during an uncertain time. Bringing happiness to others one door at a time has been an inspirational journey. I have learned how to cater to my client’s needs while still maintaining the best health protocols. I am extremely excited to see where my business takes me next.

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