Natalie Hoffmann Fall 2018 Blog

by Natalie Hoffmann, December 10, 2018

Another ten weeks have quickly flown by, which mean another ten weeks closer to graduation. This has been a very challenging, yet fun quarter. I started Capstone this quarter which was something I have been looking forward to since the Summer of 2016, when I started my amazing journey at Kendall College. I have been working alongside five other students on our Capstone project which is an Industry Challenge. We were given the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with The Albert restaurant which is a part of The EMC2 Hotel, an autograph collection hotel.

It has been amazing to work with The Albert and to get a real understanding of the restaurant business. My group and I were tasked with increasing the traffic follow for the restaurant. We have been doing lots of research on the demographics of the area and different restaurant. I am looking forward to completing the project successfully and our big presentation at the end of the Winter Quarter. Capstone is giving me the opportunity to create business plans, business proposals, speaking skill and many other business techniques.  As I am beginning to approach my final quarters at Kendall I am taking a look and applying to different internships.

I am extremely lucky and blessed for the Kendall College Trust. I really enjoyed meeting with all the donors once again at the scholarship dinner. Happy holidays to all and I am looking forward to the Fried Chicken and Champagne Fest!

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