My Australian Adventure – Sharon Harms

By Sharon Harms,  Summer 2016

I am currently on my industry placement at Freycinet Lodge in Tasmania, Australia. With it being my first placement, in a whole new country and never working in the hospitality industry before; I have learned more than I could have ever imagined. I am working with some of the most intelligent, kind, and amazing people I have ever met! The housekeeping team, the bar and the restaurant have welcomed me with open arms and taught me new and exciting things every moment that I have been here! Although I applied to work in the housekeeping team, other areas of the Lodge were more than happy to train me and take on a new employee with as much willingness to learn as I have. With this scholarship, I have noticed a significant difference with my family and peers because now they can see how serious I am about my future in hospitality. The fact that other people in the industry have noticed my inclination to learn and succeed, has motivated me to apply for more scholarships and try to make myself stand out in the industry. I am elated to see what the next few months have in store!

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