Miguel Andrade Winter 2019 Blog

by Miguel Andrade, March 22, 2019

Winter Quarter has been a very momentous quarter for me as it marks my final quarter as a Kendall student and when I started my Senior internship. State & Lake Chicago Tavern was my chosen internship site where I held the role of Management Intern. My main job responsibilities were rotating through the various Front-of-House positions and shadowing every manager on various shifts.

During my first week I was so nervous and out of my element that the way I spoke to guests was very “stiff and luke-warm” at best. I quickly learned from my coworkers and managers how to adjust my communication skill set to be more dining room appropriate and warm. Applying my technical knowledge of the dining room and restaurant was not going to be effective until I learned to interact with guests more comfortably.

I eagerly listened to every tip and critique I was given. Growing a part of the team, then slowly being exposed the duties of each manager led to the team slowly starting to come to me for assistance that they would typically receive from any other manager on duty. Although I might’ve had the knowledge and limited managerial privileges, I always had to work on my leadership skills. This experience showed me how I still have a lot of growing to do, but I am optimistic in moving forward and continuously learning in the Hospitality field.

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