Miguel Andrade Fall 2018 Post

by Miguel Andrade, December 17, 2018

Winding down from the intensive Summer Quarter where I finished my capstone project, I was able to focus more on planning for my upcoming internship and progress at my workplace.

My job, at the Loews Hotel Chicago, taught me a lot about how important communication between every culinary department is when operating such a large hotel operation. I function as an On-Call General Cook for all three kitchens, and this unique experience has given me a wonderful perspective to learn. Unlike most employees, I was working with the Pastry Chef, Banquet Chef, Restaurant Sous Chef, and Restaurant Executive Chef at the same time. I could see the planning between every department when just executing one event or something as large as a multi-thousand-dollar wedding.

At school, I learned substantially more about HR management and this has proven very useful. I used much of what I learned in class during many of my interviews at potential internship sites. I am quickly approaching the end of my time here at Kendall after I complete my senior internship. As of now, I will be signing with State and Lake Chicago Tavern in The Wit Hotel, where I will be performing a management internship including rotational shadowing of the managers.

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