Maya Tom Spring 2017 Blog

by Maya Tom, June 7, 2017

This quarter I had many great experiences, especially since it was my first quarter of Capstone. I felt with graduation underway and taking on more courses I would be stressed and in debt, but I was in fact the opposite, I was challenged in the best way possible and I was also at ease thanks to the financial help from The Kendall College Trust. Knowing my final two quarters here at Kendall are coming to an end, I am so humble for the many opportunities I have had and will experience in the future thanks to the amazing aid provided from a great institution. Kendall College and The Kendall College Trust have set me up with a platform to excel greatly in all my ventures outside of this school and I am looking forward to my future in the Hospitality Industry. Directly after Capstone I will be continuing my studies and taking on my senior internship in London, England to work for a Wedding & Event Company call The Proposers. I have such a passion and drive for this industry that I love so much and truly am blessed that I have the unconditional support from The Kendall College Trust.

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