Maria Valentina Lopez Castillo Summer 2019 Blog

by Maria Valentina Lopez Castillo, September 8, 2019

Summer quarter is over, and the break is here! Only a week this time, but one for much needed rest. These past three months have been exhausting but exciting, starting with a couple of weeks of Bread class that started at 5:30 am. The time after that, classes went from 6:00 am to noon, with a couple of extra classes in the afternoon. Oh, how far you’ll go for doing what you love…!

But it isn’t all rest. At this very moment, I find myself in New York City looking for places to do my internship. After graduation, my plan is to move here and gain experience. And, it isn’t proving easy so far; competition is tough. I am looking into an amazing place called Chanson. It is a bakery in the heart of Manhattan that specializes in the art of dessert making with Michelin-quality pastries and vienroiserrie, teas, soft serve ice creams, among others. I would love to stage and then intern there, but just like this one, there are a million great bakeries in this city. Thankfully, I was put in contact with a chef who is in the industry and actually works at the dessert bar in Chanson. She gave me a lot of tips to make the best of my time here, and suggested other places where I can look.

I am certain I will find a place where I can grow and learn a lot, and I am grateful to the Kendall College Trust, and all those that are helping me in the process of achieving my professional aspirations.

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