Marcela Murillo Velazco Summer 2020 Blog

by Marcela Murillo Velazco, September 12, 2020

On December 31st of 2019, I told myself, “2020 will be my year” I had such high expectations for this year, and I was very excited to see what destiny had projected for me. I wanted to grow more as a person and honestly know who I am and where I want to go. I did not expect 2020 to be like this (pandemic and catastrophes), but things happened for a reason. In many different ways, this pandemic has affected every single person around the globe, so I have tried to reach out to friends and family members to make sure they are doing well. More importantly, their mental health is in a good state and supports them during this challenging time. I have read that during this pandemic, the suicide rate in different countries went up, and the leading causes are from people awaiting test results to depression, anxiety, and stress for losing their job.

During this time, I think being an international student is problematic because, with few friends and almost no family in this country, it is tough to find the motivation to excel in your classes. So I have found my inspiration in photography, and I have wandered the streets of Chicago with my camera. I have also found ways to help the environment. I have reduced meat and milk consumption since cattle are the most significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. Besides taking pictures, I enjoy taking long walks and dancing salsa. Therefore, I have been doing it continually; after a long walk, I dance salsa by the lakefront, making me feel close to home.

To end, I think this pandemic is an experience that has helped us to improve ourselves and prioritize what is essential.

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