Marcela Murillo Velazco FA20 Blog

by Laura Marcela Murillo Velazco, December 9, 2020

This Fall quarter, I took the mixology class, and I learned so much about alcohol, liquors, and how to mix. This course was fascinating. Since then, I started to create my drinks and prepare cocktails. My favorite cocktails are mai tai and mojito. As I mentioned before, I have also created my cocktails, which are mainly inspired by African Colombian culture, and below I have attached a picture of one of my creations. I am back in my country, and my family comes together on Saturdays to have cocktails. Of course, everyone is socially distancing and wearing masks for the safety of the elderly in the family. I enjoy making cocktails, and since it is part of my Food and Beverage concentration, I want to gain more experience or practice as a bartender and try to find a job at a bar during this winter break.

In addition to that, this quarter, I found this exciting area in the hospitality and tourism industry, and it is called hospitality or commercial interior design. Hospitality designers or commercial designers are in charge of elevating spaces with a specific writing essay style and mood in mind while increasing spaces’ functionality to obtain more revenue. I am interested in this side of the hospitality industry, and I may study interior design after I graduate from my hospitality major.

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