Maheen Sohail Spring 2020 Blog

by Maheen Sohail, June 30, 2020


2020 has changed our perspectives in an ordinary manner that we all once did not imagine. We have all struggled together and we shall heal from it as well.

From already being in a stressful isolation due to the pandemic, losing your job or doing your best to maintain your motivation to attend school, it can take a toll on our mental health. Being an international student, with barely any friends and family was very challenging. However, I feel that it is in these times where we truly discover ourselves and notice the unnoticed.

Vermont Sourdough Bread

I decided to take an initiative to appreciate anyone and everyone around me even if it meant going out of my way to feed a homeless human being. It triggered in my memory of how my friends and I would gather to come together and make dumplings. Therefore, it ignited an idea to put forth that love and appreciation between friends with strangers and possibly new friends.

Furthermore, I dove deep down into what I enjoy doing for my own self. Therefore, I took up skateboarding which had been on my to do list. Moreover, I took up baking breads which was an exciting area to target. I absolutely miss working in the kitchen and hope to soon get back.

I highly believe that we must learn from this experience and realign our lives to what matters the most.

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