Magdelena Rejdych Spring 2018 Blog

by Magdalena Rejdych, June 30, 2018

This past quarter, I have been able to learn a lot about marketing techniques, human resources, and feasibility planning. The courses helped me learn how important each aspect of the hotel is, from picking the site to making sure the website has a high click-through rate. For part of the technology marketing class, we were able to visit the Midtown Hotel where the GM is one of Kendall’s former students, Mr. Imran.

The experience was amazing and the information he provided made the coursework stick together. I’ve not only gained knowledge in my course, but also at my current job by being a trainer for our new team members. Transitioning to a trainer has been an interesting process which allowed me to learn different ways of doing things so that my new coworkers understand the process.

Some exciting news for this quarter included being initiated into the Eta Sigma Delta Society. The ceremony was a memorable experience which I got to share with my fellow classmates for all the work we have been putting into our courses. I am forever grateful for being one of the students chosen for the KCT Scholarship. The scholarship has allowed me to focus more on my classes and still be able to work.

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