Magdalena Rejdych Fall 2017 Blog

by Magdalena Rejdych, December 20, 2017

My name is Magda, and I am in my seventh quarter at Kendall College as a Hospitality major. Receiving the Kendall College Trust Scholarship impacted me in a variety of different ways. When finishing up my spring quarter, I was offered, after completing my internship at Ivy, to stay as a full time agent. Receiving the scholarship, I was able to stay even with the commute and parking expenses.

During the time I was at the Ivy, I was able to put my in-class learning into practice as well as understand more of how everything works in a hotel. With the experience I gained I decided to find a job closer to home at a more well-known hotel chain, Starwood now Marriott. Between the recruiting, I was able to visit family back in Poland for a couple of weeks and catch up with both sides of the family. It was wonderful being able to roam around Krakow like I used to when I was younger, time doesn’t seem to be moving then. The greatest way the KCT scholarship impacted me is by giving me more time to spend with family and enjoying family get togethers, it allowed me to have one job instead of two.

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