Leslie Burch Fall 2016 Blog

by Leslie Burch, December 17, 2016

This has been my first quarter back on campus since I graduated from the pastry program in 2014. I never realized how much I have missed the Kendall atmosphere. The staff and students want each other to succeed. There are many events that go on that are open to all Kendall students. The other day, the wines class was having a special tasting in the room I had class in previously. The instructor had invited another student and myself to stay to learn about Portuguese white wines, even though we were not in his class and he did not even know us. Our instructor, Mark Sabbe, was also invited to stay for the tasting and he made sure that the other student and I knew what was being discussed and explained the wines even further. It was so nice to be invited and included in this event to learn about these wines.

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