Kateryna Aleksandrova Spring 2017 Blog

by Kateryna Aleksandrova, June 22, 2017

I can’t believe the time flew by so fast and here I am writing my very last post as my last quarter has come to an end.

So far this quarter has also been the most vivid and memorable as I have started my internship and am planning on continuing it as my full time job after I graduate.

I am a team member of Moody Tongue Brewing’s Tasting Room and I can’t be happier as the job is directly connected with my passion for beer knowledge and education. As well as the company’s philosophy is in direct connection with my educational background of restaurant management. Moody Tongue philosophy is focused on culinary brewing and having strong background thanks to Kendall definitely helped during my time there.

Besides working with passionate professionals, I can also say that shortly after 2 months these professionals became my family as all of us in the team are supporting each other and working towards a goal of creating exceptional and memorable experiences for our guests!

It is incredibly wonderful to see how all the years of hard work and studying start to be so rewarding in this new job placement. And of course I would not be able to obtain all the skills that have been helping me so much without the help of my dad and Kendall College Trust Scholarship that has played a major role in helping me receive my second (Beverage Management) major.

Thank you so much!

I wish the best of luck to my fellow graduates and continuing students at Kendall. Keep looking for your true passions and never give up on perfecting yourselves!

Brewmaster and founder Jared Rouben is pictured in the middle, taking me and GM Marita over to explore freshest ingredients and get inspirations for future brews and/or food menus.
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