Kate Krueger Summer 2018 Blog

by Kate Krueger, September 18, 2018

I learned a vast amount of techniques this quarter, fifth block is known as one of the most educational blocks you have at Kendall and it greatly lived up to my expectations. Modern Cuisines, Advanced Skills, and Banquets are just some of the classes that I took during my Summer 2018 quarter at Kendall.

The most difficult time I had was during my Advanced Skills course with Chef Schrimmer. It’s a very high paced class with expectations set for us that are higher each day. However, despite the challenges this course brings it was by far the most pleasant experience I have had at Kendall. I think of this class like a ribbon that ties Kendall’s Culinary Program together. I have seen drastic changes in not only myself but in my fellow classmates. Strengthening and clarity are amongst the two important things this class has given me, showing me just how much I have learned here at Kendall.

This scholarship took much of the financial burden of going to culinary school directly out of high school. The generosity of the Kendall College Trust pushed me to excel in every class and made it possible for me to keep my focus purely on my academics.

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