Julia May Winter 2020 Blog

by Julia May, March 6, 2020

This quarter provided me with the opportunity for a lot of personal and professional growth.  I spent the quarter interning with Revel Event Group, they are an event centric agency that offers full service event planning, event décor, catering, destination management, and venue spaces. I really enjoyed interning with this company because they are such a well-rounded event group, I was able to observe so many different areas. I most enjoyed being on site for events and getting to see how everything came together. In the office, there are so many different moving parts and detailed planning that goes on before the event. Once you get on-site to the event, everything comes together like a well-oiled machine and all of the time spent in the office planning and organizing comes into fruition.

Not only was this internship a phenomenal learning experience for me but, I was offered a part time position with them while I finish out my last two quarters of school. I was thrilled to receive the opportunity to stay on with the company because I love working with everyone on the team and have gotten the opportunity to learn so much hands on. I am hoping that staying with them part-time during the next two quarters of school will provide me with a great transition into a full-time position since I can really see myself working with this company long-term.

Hope everyone has a great spring break, see you all next quarter!

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