Julia May Fall 2019 Blog

by Julia May, November 12, 2019

This quarter has been really challenging but also very rewarding now that we are nearing the end. The experience on campus this quarter has been very unique because I had classes at three different buildings. On Tuesday and Thursday, I was between the new building on Michigan Avenue and the National Louis University Building. On Wednesdays and Fridays, I was over at the Goose Island Campus. I quickly fell into a routine for the school week and got very familiar with public transportation!

The Wedding and Special Events course I took this quarter was exciting because we got to take a lot of field trips to different venues and event spaces. We got one on one tours from various event planners and since I am aspiring to be an event planner, I enjoyed hearing about their path and how they got to be where they are in the industry. One of the field trips we took was to Paramount Events where we were given a tour by a Kendall Alumni which was really inspiring!

This quarter I had an interview for a winter internship that I will be starting in January, so I am very much looking forward to next quarter! Hoping that everyone had a great quarter, Happy Holidays!

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