Joe Turner Spring 2018 Blog

by Joe Turner, July 2, 2018

Another quarter has come to a close, and I am happy about that! This quarter seemed particularly stressful due to my having an online class along with senior capstone and two other classes. However, that is not what I want to write about. This quarter, I had the privilege to walk in this years’ commencement ceremony, and I was full of a myriad of emotions. It is the culmination of four years of sacrifice, and hard work, both mentally and physically. So, I celebrated briefly, knowing that there is still a quarter mile to go in this journey to finish.

This summer, I finish up senior capstone, while also doing my internship. I am excited about my internship. My current job has allowed me the opportunity to do the internship where I work. While I am a manager already, my scope of duties is limited, as I am the closing manager. During my internship, I will participate in our company’s Patient Program Certification class, this class is designed to help the manager understand and implement the policies and procedure surrounding a patients’ dining experience. I will also spend some time in our retail operation, learning a how to create signage for daily meals, as well as learning about “Webtrition,” which is our company based nutritional database.

Finally, I will shadow our Associate Director to learn some forecasting, scheduling, and end of month budgets. All of these new skills will add to my skill set to make it to my next level position. So, while I am excited about the graduation ceremony, I am even more excited to do the internship and finish out the summer on a high note.

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