Jaden Kaufman Winter 2018 Blog

by Jaden Kaufman, March 18, 2018

Who does not like chicken? I mean, “Fried Chicken”. Kendall College Trust holds Fried Chicken & Champagne Fest every year. Kendall College Trust’s third annual festival was held on November 4, 2017 and that was my second time at the festival. I do really love this festival because I am like a fried chicken addict and the participants are the finest chefs or restaurants in Chicago. I was assigned to Chef Joshua Kulp, owner Honey Butter Fried Chicken, to help as an assistant student. I was really excited because this team was the winner of the second festival.

The other students and I got to school a couple of hours early then we prepped the secret weapon to be the winner of this festival. The festival started and we were getting busy. Guests were crowded in my section as I expected and people loved this chicken. At the close of this festival, I ran all over the section to taste the other team’s masterpiece. Actually, that was the most exciting part of this festival. Everybody was in the groove, the DJ was awesome, as well as the fried chicken and champagne. That was the perfect harmony. On the other hand, this event was the last chance for me. It is like a bittersweet moment however, I hope that I can be in this festival as a chef next time.

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