Jaden Kaufman Fall 2017 Blog

by Jaden J. Kaufman, November 24, 2017

This Fall quarter is actually my last quarter on campus. When I finish the fine dining class for dinner, it is about 9:30 pm, there are only few students in school. I use the time to look around the second floor student lounge and I reflect back to my first block in my reminiscences. That was a very tough time for me here because I had never cooked before I came to Kendall College. However, I guess that I tried harder than anyone else to learn cooking because I am almost done. During the last a couple of quarters, I faced hard times. My school life was getting tiring, but there was a turning point. One day, I got an email from the Kendall College Trust notifying me of my scholarship award. I am thankful to the KCT for allowing me the opportunity to stay here at Kendall.


Also the KCT made me a student who donated my cooking talent. I am working in outreach group of my church as a volunteer. I visit a church, House of Prayer, and cook for homeless people twice a month. This time, I really want to celebrate Thanksgiving holiday with them. Even though The Thanksgiving Day is not a traditional holiday for me, I feel like that it is my delight and it never gets old. This is because I cook for poor people and help them with what I learned at Kendall!! I never thought this would be thinkable at all.


I would say all this was possible because of the Kendall College Trust organization. Thanks to the KCT again, I will be a chef who helps someone with my talent from Kendall College and the KCT.

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