Gianina Gomez Winter 2019 Blog

Internship at Parachute

by Gianina Gomez, March 25, 2019

This Winter quarter has been a terrific and intense one.   I started an Internship in a fantastic restaurant:  Parachute, a Korean American Restaurant located in Chicago.  Parachute is known for its exquisite and unique food.

Parachute’s standards are high, really high! Not in vain they have a Michelin Star which they are maintaining since 2016.  With that said, I can tell you: they look for the best cooks to work there.  There’s no chance for mistakes!

I can remember how nervous and excited I came on the first day.  I was that nervous that I couldn’t properly slice carrots in the Mandolin, I cut myself two or three times!  Since then, it’s been ten hard weeks where I did nothing but learning and improving my skills and knowledge every day.  I still have ten more weeks to go, and I am sure they will be as intense and challenging as the first ones.

During this time, I couldn’t have been prouder of using my Kendall’s uniform because I was able to show and put into practice all the knowledge, techniques and advice learned from the wonderful Chef instructors that I was lucky to have.

I will never be grateful enough to Kendall College Trust without whom I would never have accomplished these achievements.

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