Gabriela G Kramer Summer 2017 Blog

by Gabriela Garcez Kramer, September 14, 2017

I would like to start my post with a huge THANK YOU. Thank you KCT, for giving me the chance to prove myself and for putting me a step closer to my dreams! Wow, summer quarter has been a journey for me! Thanks to the scholarship I received from KCT, I was able to continue my studies at Kendall, and do my Capstone Senior Project here. Six months of very hard work were put into it by me and the three wonderful ladies that were a part of my group. Together, we created the Americanas, a fusion bar that combines the Brazilian/Latin American flavors, liquors, and cultures, into a new concept of a late night establishment. Designed to be the change in the Chicago nightlife scene, Americanas promotes a cultural immersive experience that has not yet been explored in the city.

We were so proud of the result of our idea; our business plan, tradeshow and presentation all came together just how we wanted, and for that we ended up getting first place for Capstone Presentation, amongst 13 other strong teams. I was so happy to see our hard work be recognized, and thankful for having the opportunity to be a part of Capstone.

Now it’s on to the next chapter, Fall will be my last quarter of classes at Kendall before I head for internship. It’s bittersweet, I can’t wait to be working in the industry and learn from real experience, and at the same time I will miss school so much. Time to enjoy the next three months to the fullest!

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