Kendall College Trust 2021-2022 Scholarship Application

You will be considered for all applicable scholarships with one application. However, please check below if you wish to also be considered for the premier scholarship – PLEASE NOTE: this requires a 1000-word essay minimum and pursuit of BA degree. Only one essay is required for all.

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Please use this section to list any honors, achievements or related activities for further consideration. It's important to list all of your accomplishments here, even if they are listed in your resume.

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I Have Earned My:
Why have you applied for this scholarship and why do you think you should be a recipient?
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Culinary and Hospitality Essay Suggestion Questions
Please select a suggested essay question and upload it below.Word Count Minimum: Premier - 1000; all others - 500; only one essay is required for all scholarships
Please upload your essay, transcript, FAFSA confirmation, resume and letters of recommendations below.
EssayWord Count Minimum: Premier Scholarship – 1000; all others – 500; only one essay required for all scholarships
Resume or CV
Letter of Recommendationupload three letters of recommendation
FAFSA confirmation pageInternational students must upload an applicable income statement
Current Transcript

Documents may also be submitted separately to: scholarships@kendallcollegetrust.org

To the best of my knowledge, I have provided Kendall College Trust (KCT) with accurate information concerning all questions on this application. I hereby agree to report to the KCT any changes which could affect consideration of my application. I understand and agree that my academic and financial records will be shared between my academic institution and the Kendall College Trust and its affiliates. I understand that all decisions of the Scholarship Committee and the Board of KCT are final. I understand that if I am awarded a scholarship, certain requirements (including, but not limited to the following) must be met and maintained before any award monies can be disbursed. If awarded, I agree to make two presentations per year, volunteer at a minimum of three Trust events per year, write one blog post per quarter, and maintain full-time status and a cumulative 3.0 GPA. I understand that awards will be payable and mailed directly to my academic institution at the beginning of the Summer or Fall 2021 term (pending the above requirements), and that all awards will be disbursed in four equal installments pending verification of student eligibility. I understand this scholarship applies to students attending the specified accredited culinary arts and/or hospitality program. Should I transfer, it is at the discretion of the KCT to continue award distribution for tuition at a new institution. Furthermore, if I become a scholarship recipient, I agree to have my picture and information released to promote KCT and all affiliated activities of the Trust.

Signature of Applicant:By typing your full name, you are agreeing to the above statement.

NOTE: You will be contacted via email to submit a required 5-minute video introduction of yourself. Due to Covid restrictions, in-person interviews will not be conducted this year.