Erin Kolber Fall 2016 Blog

by Erin Kolber, November 30, 2016

As the fall quarter begins to get into full swing, it is a bittersweet time for me. This is my last quarter at Kendall, which is crazy to think about! From starting in the Baking and Pastry program Fall quarter of 2013, to finishing my Bachelor’s in Business at the end of the next ten weeks. Although it is strange to think that this is my final weeks at Kendall, I am getting really excited about what’s to come and soaking up each moment.

I am continuing to work as a Teaching Assistant this fall, and I have been assigned to work in the Cafe during lunch with Chef Meyer as well as with the pastry Fine Dining class with Chef Pingul. So far I have really enjoyed my time in the cafe as well as the dining room. I am very excited about Chef Pingul’s pastry menu this quarter, each of the plates are beautiful and the epitome of fall seasonal items. If you have the chance come in and check out the new menu, I’d highly recommend it! (If you come in on a Tuesday or Thursday, I’ll be there!) It is always an adventure working in the Cafe and Dining Room and I’m looking forward to see what unfolds within the next few weeks!

At the beginning of September, a really awesome opportunity popped up for me! I was offered a job as a pastry cook at the Gray Hotel downtown. The Gray is a new Kimpton Hotel property that is located on Monroe, in between Clark and Lasalle. They have two restaurant outlets, Boleo and Volume 39 as well as various banquets and events that take place at the hotel. Boleo is their rooftop restaurant and the menu is inspired by Peruvian and Argentinian style street food and Volume 39 is their upscale bar/lounge that serves house made charcuterie, caviar, a variety of cheeses as well as pastries off of the pastry cart. So far I have been working the pastry line in the restaurant as well as pastry production for various banquets and hotel amenities. I’ve also had the opportunity to jump in and help with prep for the savory line in Boleo. All of those hours working as a TA in the Cafe at school really came into play! A lot of times pastry cooks don’t feel comfortable jumping in and helping out when it comes to savory, however, I have been eager to learn more about savory and push myself to being a well-rounded and versatile cook. While it’s not my specialty, I have been really excited to be able to continue to learn more about savory preparations as well as help Chef out when he needs it! For now, I will be working part time at the hotel through the end of the quarter. When I graduate in December, I will be begin working full-time. I am really excited to see what the next few months have to offer at school as well as working at The Gray!

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