Eric Minnis Spring 2020 Blog

How Did I Deal with Covid-19

by Eric Minnis, June 23, 2020

Covid-19 was the pandemic that shook the modern-day world, it virtually shut down everything! Stores were closed, streets were empty and even countries closed off their borders. As an international student with plans to travel over the spring break to visit family, this pandemic greatly affected my life. My country closed its borders before I was able to travel and I was unable to travel home. Not being able to see my family and having to quarantine myself from the virus greatly took a toll on my well-being.

However, the support that I received from friends, my school, and my family greatly helped me overcome the difficult time. They reminded me that we’re in this together and that as long as the sun comes up, we have another chance at life. Even with the rise of racial tension here in the United States seeing the unity from the school and my peers always kept me in high spirits. The photo attached to this blog was a joint effort between total strangers from various ethnic backgrounds. It is a picture that represents that when all colors come together, with love, harmony, and unity there’s a beautiful resounding peace.

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