Dominique Pyka Fall Quarter Blog

by Dominique Pyka, December 17, 2016

Wow..another quarter went by – and what a quarter it has been! I have been looking forward to this quarter for a long time, because it was finally time for me to do my senior internship! As a business student, the options of where and as what to do an internship in are very broad, but with a strong interest in marketing & sales, with a passion for event planning and a talent in organizing, I successfully landed an internship position as a Promotions Assistant at a local classic rock radio station, 97.1 FM The Drive! This was really a one of a kind experience, because it was a perfect mix between office work which included event preparation, event wrap ups, prize distribution, and event execution at weekly re-occuring promotional events or special events. The events we executed were intended to raise awareness of both the station as well as the client that we collaborated with during the event. One of my favorite events that we participated in was the annual Snug Hug coat drive, which aims to collect children’s winter coat donations, in order to provide them to families and children in needy neighborhoods like Englewood, who cannot afford warm winter clothes themselves. Over the course of a few weeks, along with other sponsors, we were able to collect a total of 9 tons of winter coats donations for kids in need. Lifting 9 tons of boxes filled with donations with the help of a human chain into the Englewood community center, while it was snowing, was not as difficult as it sounds, knowing that each of these boxes would help a child or family in need to stay warm this cold winter.

Below is a picture of all the helpers that brought the collected donation to the Englewood community center.

Dominique Pyka Fall Quarter Blog

I am very glad that I had such a great internship experience overall, and that it allowed me to be part of such a great cause. For my future career, I definitely know that I want to be part of a business that executes more of these kind of events, that bring people together for a good cause.

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