David Bennett Summer 2018 Blog

by David Bennett, September 3, 2018

I love food, but I wouldn’t call myself a foodie. Not only do I dislike the term, but a foodie, to me, is someone who loves to eat. Don’t get me wrong, I live for great meals, but my diet of Cliff Bars, bagels and coffee, are evidence that my love of food goes beyond eating. If given the choice between eating a meal and cooking a meal, I’d choose cooking everytime.

I’m writing this blog post with tired eyes, sore legs, and calloused hands as consequence of a 100 hour week of cooking. The perfect week. Sixty hours of school and forty hours of work in any other discipline would be unbearable, but time spent cooking is time well spent. I end each grueling week hungry to start the next.

Receiving a scholarship has allowed me to spend more time in kitchens focusing on making delicious food, instead of worrying about paying tuition. I’m grateful for the generosity of the many organizations providing financial assistance to Kendall students. I believe it’s our duty as recipients to validate their investment by pushing ourselves as cooks and professionals.

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