Catherine Broton Fall 2018 Blog

by Catherine Broton, December 18, 2018

I passed! Block 6 exams completed and I passed. I am officially done with the academic portion at Kendall College. This quarter flew by, and even more so, this year flew by. This time last year I was walking into the kitchens for the first time, with a lot of nerves and zero expectations. Throughout my time at Kendall, I have developed some great friendships and even better connections to the culinary industry. Certainly, there were a lot of hurdles to jump during the course of the year. I had my fair share of moments of doubt, but fortunately for me, I had an unparalleled support system to keep me going strong.

It is bittersweet finishing my exams and walking out the front doors of Kendall this afternoon. I am thrilled to have accomplished great things at this school, but I will miss seeing all the smiles every day. My fondest memories from this quarter were each and every time my family came into The Dining Room to dine as I was cooking in back of the house. Chef always made my family feel so welcomed and it was so great to be able to show my family all my hard work. My time at Kendall was challenging, yet so rewarding. I am now on to great things with my internship starting this January at CSSI. I look forward to what life has coming my way. Thank you!

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