Carole-Anne Dallo Summer 2018 Blog

by Carole-Anne Dallo, September 20, 2018

The experiences that I have lived on my journey to become a pastry chef have been the most transformative and eye-opening of my life to date. Every day I am learning more and more what it takes to create a brand that will leave a lasting trail.

My stage a Little Goat Diner was one of those life-changing experiences. I had managed to secure a stage after several weeks of correspondence with the Pastry Sous-Chef, and coming in my excitement was definitely running high. Little Goat is an incredibly well known restaurant and I really wanted to do well. The first thing that surprised me was the space allocated to the bakery.  Not only was it totally open for the public to see, but it also was fairly small. A lot of the utensils and containers were spread out throughout the restaurant floors, and one had to be extremely efficient in managing their time to deliver a recipe properly. This allowed me to see that despite those challenges, the chefs in this kitchen are still able to deliver the flawless dishes they are known for, and that is the expectation. No matter what.

Lastly, I have realized that despite my knowledge of the kitchen environment, experiencing everything with an open mind is key in every kitchen one goes to, and it was especially so at Little Goat’s. There was no time for lengthy details or specifications. All they needed of me was an open ear and a “yes Chef!”. As we move further into our careers, it is very important that we, up-and-coming chefs, remember that most times all you need is to listen.

Seeing those excellent chefs and businesses in action gives me a glimpse of what it takes to run a company that will lastly impact its community, and I am forever grateful for every opportunity I get to learn and grow through the Kendall network. I will thus never be able to thank the KCT association and board members enough for their support in my learning.

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