Bryana Wilson Winter 2019 Blog

by Bryana Wilson, March 26, 2019

This term went by so fast, but it proved to be the crucible of my experience at Kendall. I participated in part two of capstone and the capstone showcase. Applying the cumulative knowledge of what I’ve learned in such an in depth way was terrifying in the beginning, stressful throughout, but extremely rewarding at the end. It was such an honor and pleasure to work with all of the individuals in my group. It was amazing to see everyone’s strengths blossom and during the process, the talent and synergy of the group played a big role in bringing our vision to life. Together we forged the Onyx hotel concept, a lifestyle brand hotel located in Wicker Park.

Through this experience I got to learn lean more about my unknown unknown as well as apply my knowledge of the industry and unique skillet. One of the things I discovered about myself was my eye for design, I had a lot of fun working on design elements for the website of our hotel concept – Onyx. The capstone project is truly an invaluable experience, taking education to the next level. I will go into the industry with the utmost confidence in my capabilities.

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