Brian Schulz Winter 2017 Blog

by Brian Schulz, March 16, 2017

I had the pleasure of staging at a corporate dining company named Guckenhiemer.  My stage included helping out on the hot line making several hundred servings of Texas toast and I was put on lead of the ribs.  I got to fabricate, create my own rub and smoke/braise for lunch serving upwards of 1,300 people.  It was a great experience to go from cooking for chef to cooking for 1,300 people.  Everything obviously changes such as, organization, time management and work load.

I found it incredibly interesting how a company that operates as a quantity food production kitchen doesn’t actually have that feel at all, and manages to put out high quality, no steps skipped cuisine and dishes. I was taken through the facility by Chef Bosco and he described to me what the corporate dining life is like and although it appealed to me, it wasn’t something I am trying to do as of today.

I have plans to head out west and acquire an internship at an upscale casual restaurant or resort that has an emphasis on game meats and incorporates that into a fine dining feel.  The stage was an excellent experience and chance for me to apply my speed and knowledge acquired at Kendall and put that up against what is expected in a real life kitchen.  I did very well and look forward to continuing on constantly growing, learning and becoming the chef I aspire to be.

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