Brian Schulz Fall 2016 Blog

by Brian Schulz, December 15, 2016

Hi my name is Brian Schulz and I am a culinary student currently finishing up my 4th block.  I am a recipient of the US Foods Scholarship and the Kendall College Trust Scholarship.  This July I was asked to work at the Windy City Smoke-Out by my employer, Blackwood BBQ.  This was an incredible experience because my love for BBQ runs deep in my veins and I was able to meet a hand full of well-known pit masters from all over the country. I am really interested in learning new techniques and different ways that everyone does BBQ.  It is definitely my favorite cooking technique.

I am actually in charge of making all of the BBQ sauces for my company. Currently, my favorite BBQ sauce that I make is our Chicago style sauce.  In addition, I also make our mac and cheese, smoked beans, baking and pastry and I am getting cross trained in the meats department.  Balancing work and school for a total of over 70 hours a week is definitely intense but it’s helped me learn how to better manage my time. Because I was given this opportunity by US Foods and Kendall College Trust, nothing is stopping me and I have eyes forward.

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