Priscila Alcantar Summer Quarter 2016

By Priscila Alcantar, September 14, 2016

Summer quarter ’16 has been a very busy quarter for me. As the quarter comes to an end so does Capstone. Myself along with the rest of my team have been working very hard to develop our concept. Capstone so far has been challenging but fun. I have been able to further develop my team leadership skills along with time management, delegation and accountability.

In my Sustainable Supply Chain class, I was able to analyze the Kendall College Supplier Sustainability Questionnaire and update it. I took a scorecard approach to it.  I now find sustainable supply chain very interesting and am eager to learn more. I was also able to apply the learning objectives in this class to the company that I work for. They have a strong sustainable supply chain system, I analyzed their initiatives, outcomes and was able to assess methods of improvement. I consider sustainable supply chain a new opportunity to pursue, something that I had not thought of before.

Additionally, this quarter I have been doing further research on internship opportunities for Winter ’17 and after much thought and consideration I have chosen to pursue an internship in Sustainable Tourism abroad. Final details are being worked out but I am very excited for what’s to come. Receiving the KCT Scholarship has put me financially at ease and has helped me focus on my academics.