Lights, Camera, Drink!

by Bhakti Sharma, March 28, 2018

During my time at Kendall, some of the most enjoyable classes weren’t just the ones that I spent in the kitchen but the ones where I learned about food, wine, and food photography. The electives that I took at Kendall were probably as knowledgeable as the other classes. Two of the electives that I enjoyed the most where: Food Photography and Styling, and Wine Pairings.

As social media plays an increasingly important role in the food industry, I wanted to learn how to “make my food look good in pictures”.  I learned that and so much more in the Food Photography and Styling class that Kendall offers – how the camera works against and with the flow of light, how colors complement each other on the plate, and how the background either makes or breaks your shot! Having a food blog on Instagram, this class improved my picture-taking-skill remarkably. Not only have I been able to brag about this skill in my resume, but I have seen my pictures get more ‘likes’ having applied the skills from this class! The other elective that interested me was Wine Pairings. What’s better than reading about wines and then tasting a few at 8 AM on a Saturday? Not only did we read about wines but each week we would prepare a menu and few students would volunteer to cook the menu for a wine tasting-paired with food towards the end of the class.

These classes have broadened my vision for the culinary field. To be involved in this field, it is not necessary that you either be a cook or a server – there is so much more that can be done! I was able to achieve this understanding because I was fortunate to receive the KCT Scholarship and in return I was able to take these classes. I encourage people to broaden their vision and I am certain that the Kendall College Trust will be there to support those who need it!

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